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The account ranking next are Fer_gay, a journalist and you can machine having Tv Azteca

The account ranking next are Fer_gay, a journalist and you can machine having Tv Azteca

The outcomes imply nothing difference between positions along side around three indications, proving he’s interrelated. Network thickness, centrality and you will cohesiveness was indeed along with tested.

The brand new account into prominent amount of followers is actually tvtelehit (Telehit), a television route one to shows tunes, concentrating on Latin-american viewers. The 3rd that is actually Nancy_info7, along with a reporter to own Television Azteca. elmundoalreves7, a course broadcasted inside Telehit concentrating on more youthful watchers, ranked last. 15a20, a newsprint associated with Televisa (experienced the very first Mexican societal entertainment conglomerate) centering on female family, rated 5th.

When it comes to says, Fer_gay and KoreaMx ranked highest. KoreaMx managed a facebook and a fb membership connected with Korean community in general and you can Kpop in particular. These were followed by the newest_hub, men mixed up in procedure of getting all over the world performers so you’re able to the country who had constant communication that have Fer_homosexual.

Two nodes shown the greatest system position: KoreaMx and fer_gay

In terms of betwenness position, kpopmexico, an effective fandom administrated facebook membership and you may web page, rated 5th. Regarding eigenvector centrality, yut_29 and you can abraham_tanaka, one another private profile, rated on 3rd and you will fifth put.

In the contribution, taking on membership this new stated half dozen indicators, there is an effective preponderance of the Tv Azteca conglomerate relevant account. Fandom related mass media is within second set, and just you to definitely membership (15a20) is comparable to Televisa. Another dining table shows other standard network metrics:

Approximately fifty% of all of the Tweets introduced as a consequence of retweets and you may messages have been mainly retweets of fer_homosexual account

New circle studies method is built to choose the dwelling away from a network comprising professionals like anyone and you will providers (we.e., those people occupying key positions from the system) and/or properties regarding subgroups formed regarding system. This method has been used only for constituents eg some body and you will organizations, but has already come recommended given that a good product for analyzing the new linkage between the posts regarding text issues.

Brand new community occurrence are 0.0059 (SD=0.13), that was lower. Simultaneously, the typical geodesic distance was step 3.01 together with best distance between the nodes try seven. An average length implies that the most significant distance anywhere between two nodes demands five actions, recommending a small but reduce community. This is certainly partly explained through the big size of the new Mexican country (nearly several million square miles).

According to the circle examination towards top most frequent 100 conditions based in the Tweets stuff due to the fact revealed in the Fig. 2, diffusion happened primarily as a consequence of retweets. Desk 5 means that the top around three terms with respect to their regularity (apart from mentions and you can retweets) was in fact “junsu” (462), “importante” and thus “important” (324), and you can “grupo” for example #8220;group” (292). Area of the hashtags had been #Superong almost every other singers who had been appear to said on the message posts, and you will #Jpop, that was not related to help you Kpop. Still, we need to deal with account one north american country fans away from Kpop tend to such as for instance Far eastern internationalcupid stronka cultures in general. Centered on Jung you’ll find around three fundamental circumstances Kpop fandom activates with SNS: doing quick transculturations, embodying Kpop, and you can strengthening intimacies. Compliment of its reference to Kpop, admirers do book life-style one to getting thicker by discussing its skills in cyberspace into the a comparatively simultaneous way. Embodying Kpop in the example of mexican fans is mainly as a result of drawing, memes and fanfiction. Another detailed factor ‘s the usage of the newest code. While the word “Oppa” (definition “Big brother” inside Korean) wasn’t tall about content analysis, it was used in brand new Facebook profile web page out-of KoreaMx, incorporated throughout the keyword “Oppalandia” (meaning “Oppaland”). Exactly what many of these practices mean would be the fact admirers need to embrace cool progressive pop music countries irrespective of its nation off origin.

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